The End To End Encrypted Decentralized Email Protocol Owned By Its Users

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The End To End Encrypted...

Leverages the greatest social repository of public key cryptography to enable the ability to send encrypted messages to any person that owns an Ethereum address or ENS domain name. This way it makes end to end message encryption a practical, built-in feature that is accessible to any wallet owner (like Metamask, Trustwallet and others).

Decentralized Email Protocol...

There is no centralized place of control that can censor deb0x email transmission. The immutable smart contract implementation of the protocol inherits the security and decentralization of the blockchain that it is deployed to. At the same time, the pluggable storage architecture and multiple incentivized frontend providers offer various options for degrees of privacy and usability to the end users.

Owned By Its Users!

All deb0x users earn tokens that represent equity and revenue share for future programmed usage fees of the protocol. Thanks to the distribution curve, adopters earn more tokens the earlier they use the protocol. The frontend application builders are also incentivised, while the referral scheme creates an attractive token earning context that drives the overall deb0x protocol adoption.

... and there are

no premines, no treasury allocations, no private sales, no dev fees!

The token distribution algorithm is pre-programmed and can never be changed. The launch date that will kick off the rewards will be announced one to two weeks in advance on this page.